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The Eifel – south of Aachen, Germany

8 March, 2015

Stretching south along the Belgian Ardennes border, is the Eifel National Park.  It is easy to reach from Aachen or Cologne. From London by Eurostar a ‘any Belgian station’ ticket gets to the easternmost town Eupen.

Eupen is the  capital of he Germany speaking area and is hard against the border with Germany. It has its own grand modern parliament building as well as a football group d with a sizable stadium.

The town makes a good starting point for walking in the Eifel.  The Park seems to be administered across the borders and maps show Belgian towns as well as German ones.

It is an easy slow climb into the heathland called Park Naturel Hautes Fagnes Eifel or Hohe Fagnes in German. Past the Lac d’Eupen the country is bleak much like moorland. I walked it on a snowstorm which was quite cold with a strong biting wind. The paths are easy and nothing is steep. After 15km you emerge at Muetznich just in Germany though there is no sign to say so. The next 5km drops along lanes and tiny paths to the mediaeval masterpiece, Monschau. The town is in a deep long winding valley which I found difficult to navigate. But it is full of Middle Ages buildings. The walk takes 6 hours.





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