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Monschau – a jewel of a town in the Eifel, Germany

29 March, 2015

Two days south of Aachen on the Eifelsteig is the ancient town of Monschau – narrow streets of medieval buildings still in active occupation.  The town is set in a deep narrow long valley and its stretches along the valley floor along the River Rur.

On foot it is approached across the heathland  of the Hautes Fagnes or Hohes Venn bordering Belgium.

The tight streets handle the busy through traffic as well as serving the town.IMG_20150303_084752wpid-img_20150303_083213.jpg wpid-img_20150303_082638.jpg   IMG_20150303_083604 IMG_20150303_083556 IMG_20150303_083333 IMG_20150303_083229 IMG_20150303_083213 IMG_20150303_082638 IMG_20150303_082511The town lay on the advance of the American forces in 1945 and in a key section of the line of attack of the famous German breakout to the Ardennes and Holland in December 1944 known to us as the Battle of the Bulge.  Over 80,000 troops were involved with over 100,000 losing their lives.

This March I found this sticker on a lamppost on the road out of the town welcoming refugees and their families to the country which is appropriate for a country which has experienced centuries of refugees fleeing into and away from Germany:





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